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Solton Aart T-28 A aktív hangfal

310.750 Ft (244.685 Ft + ÁFA)

Aktív hangfal

400 W RMS, 7 x M8 inserts, rotatable horn, monitor appl. possible

Cikkszám: ES-Aartt28a
Átlagos értékelés: Nem értékelt

Leírás és Paraméterek

The aart T 28 A is a self powered, bi-amped 2-Way high-performance multipurpose loudspeaker systeme, designed for professional portable and installed applications. With a 90°H x 60°V coverage pattern it combines high output capability with excellent sound performance in a multianglel compact enclosure, made of 15 mm plywood.

It features a classic combination of two powerful 8”speaker for MF/LF frequency range arranged in D'Appolito clubbed-shaped irradiation, and one 1,75“ voice coil, 1” (25mm) exit HF compression driver for extended high frequency response.

The integrated high performance Class D amplifier delivers outstanding dynamic and excellent headroom. The 4 DSP presets and clearly arranged Input - Output section enable high application flexibilit.

The versatile aart T 28 A suits for speech and music applications as a stand-alone fullrange loudspeaker, or MF/HF speaker in sound reinforcement systems.

  • High-class performance in a compact design
  • Class D bi-amped power module
  • User-rotatable, constant directivity 90° x 60° horn
  • Vertical and horizontal orientation
  • 4 DSP presets
  • Dual-band limiter
  • Two inputs with level control, XLR/6.3 Jack Combo, one with MIC/LINE switch and with high- resolution microphone pre-amplifiers (in MIC mode)
  • Line/Mix OUT switchable
  • Main and monitor operation possible
  • M8 inserts for flexible mounting options
  • Weight only 14,6 kg

Hangfal típusa Self-powered, two-way bi-amped, multifunctional
Frekvenciaátvitel (-10dB) 60 Hz - 20 kHz
Lesugárzási szög 90° x 60°
Teljesítmény 400 W continuous, 1600 W peak
Maximum SPL (Calculated at 1m) 125 dB continuous, 131 dB peak
Csatlakozók 2 x XLR/6.35 Jack Combo, 1x XLR
Méretek 250 x 700 x 250 mm
Súly 14,6 kg


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